Item 29 - Telework Policy

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Item 29 - Telework Policy

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Dear Colleagues,

I am posting a revised resolution (version 2) for Item 29, initiating amendments to the Climate Equity Plan and to elements of the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, including the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, regarding telework policies. This version includes an affirmation of the City's role as a model employer and in meeting the goals set out in these plans. It also reflects feedback from staff on the appropriate Boards and Commissions reviews, as well as a timeline for reporting back to Council.

I believe it is essential for the City to show leadership in achieving our goals with regard to telework, and I am encouraged that the current work being done by our city management and AFSCME to determine our telework policies will exemplify that leadership. I want to thank my co-sponsors, CMs Velasquez, Vela, Qadri and R. Alter, for supporting this resolution, and the Planning Commission for their work in drafting this recommendation.

Item 29 Resolution (version 2): ... 153158.pdf

Yours in community,
Council Member, District 2