Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting

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Joint City Council and Planning Commission Meeting

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I’m looking forward to the joint City Council and Planning Commission meeting that’s set for Thursday, October 26th at 2:00pm. The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers. We have worked with City Staff and we will bring in infrastructure to create a second temporary dais that will be set up in front of the permanent dais. The Planning Commission will be seated on the newly constructed temporary dais and Council Members will sit in their current seats on the permanent dais. The temporary dais will be outfitted with a microphone for each member of the Planning Commission as well as power strips so computers and other technology can remain charged.

Speaker sign up will begin online at 10am on Monday, October 23rd. Online sign up will close at 12pm on Wednesday, October 25th. Speakers can continue to use the kiosks at City Hall to sign up to speak until 1:15pm on Thursday, October 26th.

Each speaker will have two minutes to speak. People signed up to speak will be able to donate time. Time may be donated to a person so that the speaker will have up to 6 minutes total time to address the joint bodies. People wishing to donate time must coordinate with the City Clerk prior to being called. All parties (speakers and donors) must be present in person to be eligible for donation of time.

We will begin the meeting with a presentation by City Staff to outline the proposed changes. Following the presentation, we will hear public testimony.
I will update this message with other items as we get closer to the meeting, but I wanted to share this basic information before the weekend.

Have a great weekend.


On behalf of Mayor Watson
Chief of Staff, Mayor Watson's Office