Item 103 Palm District Plan Amendment

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Item 103 Palm District Plan Amendment

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On behalf of Council Member Qadri:


I am proposing an amendment to the Palm District Plan that amends the plan to incorporate the Final Report on Engagement of East Austin Thought Leaders Related to the Palm District to the table of contents as appendix 5 (A5).

This report was done by Martha Cotera and focused on outreach to East Austin thought leaders and community members with ties to this area, and it is critical that we recognize the findings of this report as we continue to work on the Palm District Plan and policy beyond this plan.

As I mentioned Tuesday, it is important that we lift up and support Mexican-American experiences and culture in this district and work toward doing right by this community. As the east side of our Downtown evolves, this report can assist in cultural identity and placemaking that aligns with the recommendations in the proposed plan.

I want to thank Martha for her work on this report and note that this is a step in the right direction. I look forward to continuing work beyond today’s agenda with community members and advocates to better highlight and celebrate the rich culture and history within this district.

Amendment 1: ... 191220.pdf

CM Qadri
Policy Advisor
Office of Council Member Zo Qadri, District 9