Vela amendments and riders

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Jose Chito Vela
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Vela amendments and riders

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Thank you for sharing your budget amendments and riders at yesterday's work session. Below are the amendments and rider I will be sponsoring.

Vela 1 - Housing Rental Assistance Program, allocating additional $5 million one time fund to the housing rental assistance program ... 132128.pdf

Vela 2 - Permanent Lifeguard Positions, adding 15 full time lifeguard positions ... 170501.pdf

Vela 3 - Environmental Testing surrounding the Fayette Power Project area ... 135042.pdf

Vela 4 - PARD Facilities Maintenance, allocating additional funds to PARD to ensure proper facilities maintenance ... 121136.pdf

Vela Park Shading Infrastructure Rider, directing the City Manager to prioritize shading at our parks ... 170543.pdf

Looking forward to discussing these items next week.