Special Called Meeting - APD Briefing

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Steve Adler
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Special Called Meeting - APD Briefing

Post by Steve Adler » Wed Jun 03, 2020 4:48 pm


This is to propose that we carry the Council briefing from APD on the protests and related discussion over to Friday morning, so that speakers can speak without going too late into the evening on Thursday and so that we are not discussing on this matter even later into the night.

After 3 pm, and following the conclusion of Council regular meeting business, we’ll give each Council member one opportunity to give opening thoughts. I would appreciate if comments can be held to about 2 minutes each so that we can move to speakers. I will also give Chief Manley an opportunity to open our conversation (but the full briefing will be Friday). We will then hear from the speakers.

We have 334 speakers signed up on this topic. I propose that we use our standard procedure of 3 minutes for the first 20 speakers and one minute per speaker thereafter. At 334 speakers, that would be over 6 hours of speakers. We will take a 30 minute dinner break at some point.

After speakers, we would directly recess, saving our comments for Friday. Council will reconvene Friday am at 9 am for the briefing and the council deliberation (no action).

We can discuss this tomorrow.