Community Engagement Task Force: update & appointees

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Leslie Pool
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Community Engagement Task Force: update & appointees

Post by Leslie Pool » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:46 am

All, I've been meaning to offer up some suggestions for people with the specific kinds of experiences we might look for when making appointments to the Council's Community Engagement Task Force. The TF mission statement is included at the bottom of this entry.

NOTE: I would ask you to make your appointments by the agenda on March 26 (posting deadline March 23). If we meet that target, then the group can start meeting in early April, ideally. We set a six-month report back timeframe, right around the end of FY15.

Here are some ideas to prompt your thinking so the Task Force can organize and begin their work:
Each Council Member appoints one person who has ...
.... experience with the City as a resident/renter - for example, on a City board or commission, OR
.... experience with the City from a professional angle - for example, as a contractor or (small) business owner, OR
.... experience professionally in community engagement - for example, someone who works for a consulting firm and whose job includes community engagement.

People we want to hear from and/or have on the committee:
• events experience (organizers, exhibitors, attendees, people nearby that get notified)
• policy input
• permitting
• participants and staff in the City Academy, City Works, PARD Summer camp, rec center,
• neighborhood planning
• people with tech backgrounds, PR, community engagement
• people reporting problems - streets, energy outages

Our appointees should be collaborative problem solvers, people who seek improvements and creative solutions.

While the term of service could be comparable for a boards and commissions appointment, we want to also encourage people who might only be willing to dedicate a focused six months on getting through the initial wave of "solutioneering" and develop concrete feedback during current budget cycle.

Mission Statement, Community Engagement Task Force:
To examine existing community engagement tools and innovative techniques and technologies used in the City and across the country, identify best practices, and make recommendations on how the City Council may broaden and foster meaningful and lasting public engagement and communication under Austin's new form of governance.

Please advise any questions - and I'll bring this up in our work session tomorrow.

Thanks to all,

Leslie Pool
Council Member, District 7